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Gems of the Maldivian Sky III. : THE ZODIACAL LIGHT

Many people don’t even notice, but the dark skies allow them to see another gem of the visible universe: the Zodiacal Light.  An unsharp column of light appears after dust or before dawn in the direction where the sun is located below the horizon.  The best locations for Zodiacal Light gazing are around the equator, where the Maldives are also found.  This light comes from our Solar System and definitely belongs among the gems of the Maldivian sky.  What does it cause and where to see it?  Continue reading the third part of the series about gems of Maldivian sky, written by Petr Horálek

Gems of the Maldivian Sky I.: THE MILKY WAY

Petr Horálek – famous astrophotographer and popularizer of astronomy, also awarded by NASA – was staying in Amazing view guesthouse at the turn of February and March 2022. Petr specialises in photographing rare night-sky phenomena. His images capture unique moments, which he calls “pearls of astronomy”, that add to the immeasurable beauty of a dark starry sky. Something he thinks that everyone should see at some point in their lives.

Petr offered to prepare for our former, current and future guests an interesting talk about these gems that can be seen in the night sky over the Maldives and to complement it with his own photographs. Thank you very much Petr.